Dec. 6th, 2009

Hey yo yellow-dello!

I'm absolutely swamped with projects to get done before the semester ends. Oh the joys of computer classes! I only have ONE final exam (that I'm not really studying for) the rest are all PROJECTS and not just projects, but monster projects. My list of things to get done by the end of the semester is quite daunting actually. I'm probably not going to sleep a lot between now and the 21st. Lucky me.

Anywho! Christmas cards! I want to get these cards sent out this week. I'm planning on buying something special to put inside the cards, but I need to know who wants one. I'm willing to send cards internationally (YOU GET A CARD, YOU GET A CARD! EVERYONE GETS A CARD!!!) so if you want a card......give me your addy!
I only got three people so far. Just comment at this post (comments are screened) if you want a card!

I also may have stayed up until 3 AM messing around with ringtones I got at Audiko. My text message alert is Eric Northman. "I texted you three times....why didn't you reply?" Because I'm a dork and Eric is awesome.

ALSO. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY TOPHER/BENNETT FIC ANYWHERE? BUELLER? ...BULLER? ....ANYONE? ...ANYONE? They are so dorktastic and adorable together.

Finally, a list: Things I want for Christmas that I probably definitely won't get:
1. iPod connector for Nike+ shoe technology. I want to start running again and I already have Nike+ shoes.
2. Camcorder. Vloging looks cool. I don't want to feel limited to my craptastic quality that is the iSight camera.
3. DVDs I'll actually watch, ie my fandoms. Maybe I'll get Harry Potter....who knows.
4. Dollhouse to be picked up by SOMEONE. (NBC? Please?)
5. A trip somewhere not in the United States (or anywhere I've never been before. I need out of the midwest so bad.)
6. New stereo in the "Disable" since only the radio works. New brakes would be cool too.
7. Wristwarmers
8. Slippers that fit all five of my qualifications: (soft bottom, back, neutral print, low top, fuzzy inside)

EDIT: OH AND DUH! People in the UK. I have a question to ask of you. Is it possible for you to buy some gu puds for me? My friend went to London last year, fell in love with the Gu and can't find them stateside. Even my google-fu can't find any place who sells them around here. NOT EVEN CHICAGO. They will be the PERFECT pressie for her, but I need some help. I'm willing to pay for them and the shipping, and I can send you something that we have stateside that isn't in the UK.



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