Nov. 13th, 2009

calenfenwen: (Laugh)
Oh sure Amazon I may have doubts about you, but that doesn't mean I have the willpower to pass up on your deal of the day.....ALL FOUR SEASONS OF DOCTOR WHO FOR 50% OFF REGULAR PRICE. That's right, instead of spending around $300+ for all four seasons, I'm only paying $140.

Doctor Who DVDs, you are going to look so pretty on my DVD shelf. Soon I'll feel less guilty about having all four seasons on burned DVDs in avi format. But hey, you got to do what you have to do to survive and I'm sorry but $90 a season was asking a bit too much for me.

Which reminds me, I have a credit card bill to pay for that I just got in the mail. Oh humbug. I'll pay it this weekend after I pick up my paycheck tomorrow.

I should really work on buying DVDs of the things I like. I really need to buy that Rambaldi Cube of AWESOME that is the complete series of ALIAS. That in Firefly and Serenity (I'm horrible....I know)

Reminder: I'll be closing the sexy poll tonight. And that is TRUFAX even to you Voodoo Mama Juju.

I also may have been reading an Obidala fic all day instead of working on my resume and/or portfolio. Yep. I know. Where did the day go? (In my defense, I woke up at 12:30 much to my embarrassment. Yes, 12:30 as in the afternoon. WUT? YES.)
THIS IS MADNESS!!! THIS IS SEXY POLL!!! Sorry to those who saw LJ being.....LJ. I couldn't get the poll to work at all (people couldn't vote) then the poll wouldn't show up as a poll. WHATEVER. That's over and done with so hopefully this one works. You should know the gist now......


I have composed a list of my favorite sexy men in fandom and we're going to put it to the vote. Who's the sexiest???

We're gonna find out the answer by voting off the LEAST SEXIEST MAN from the list until only one remains.


First, a Requiem for the fallen.  With 2 votes (28.6%) the 9th most sexiest man on my list is.... )

I provided some thumbnails of the contenders, but I would also suggest looking at other pictures of the gents before making a decision. Click on a thumbnail to see a better(?) and larger picture of the sexy.


I'll post results to the poll and round two in a day or so, depending on how many people vote and when I get around to it.



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