Nov. 10th, 2009

but Natalie! That is the lyrics to Varsity not On, Wisconsin!.....shut up I know.

Today is the 100 year anniversary of "On Wisconsin" the fight song of the Wisconsin Badgers and the state song (with different lyrics). I may have spent an hour watching random Wisconsin Marching Band videos on youtube. I'm going to have to go to Camp Randall sometime and catch a game there. That'll be fun definitely.

Anyway, I'm going to close Round Two of the poll in the next hour or so. Vote if you haven't! Round Three will be up around that time too.

I've been watching Around The World in 80 Days thing that the BBC is doing for Children in Need. That looks insanely fun and I kind of want to try it. HOW HARD COULD IT BE???? (Actually very hard since some teams barely made it to their handoff point on time)
ROUND THREE!!!!!![Poll #1483725]

I'll post results to the poll and round two in a day or so, depending on how many people vote and when I get around to it. I just also want to point out how hard it is not to use an icon with one of these men featured in it. I don't want to be biased and this contest it making me think harder over my icon choices than ever before!



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