Oct. 18th, 2009

What I've been doing these last five days:

Eating snacks (mostly sour gummy worms)
Working on computery things
Watching Teeeeveeee
OMGOMGOMG Working a lot at CVS
Aaaaaand being slightly paranoid about living alone since Wednesday. Tonight I triple checked to make sure I locked the door. The house is over 60 years old, and I'm practically jumping at every weird noise, even if said weird noise comes from whatever music I'm playing.

I also (finally) caught up with all of the vlogbrother vids on youtube. Nerdfighers! Whoo-ha!

Also just noted that my Richard/Oliver video I made in March is more popular than I thought it was. I do have to say that if EVER I find out that Richard Hammond (or James May or Jeremy Clarkson) ever see this video, I may melt and die. It is a fact that is hardwired into my DNA. With less than 500 views, I doubt that they have seen it.

I'm not joking either. My embarrassment level would be at an epic high. I can't wait for Top Gear to start again. I miss it.

Moving on, I've been buying a lot of candy and snacks and vitamin water at work, and I noticed that I'm adding up some serious extrabucks on candy. There is this deal on halloween candy now, spend $20 on candy and get $5 extrabucks on a future purchase. Well, I've been buying candy, but not traditional "halloween" candy as in trick or treat candy. Nevertheless, they have been including that in my halloween candy count. Which means I have until the 31st to spend $11.15 on candy. I'll just stock up on candy for my NaNo writing needs I guess.

This has also become a rather long entry that started off as "I have nothing really to say" type of mindset. Now Imma be finishing off my leftover candy and working on some computery things. Haven't decided what one to do yet though.
3 arrested, 12 ejected from Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions game at Lambeau Field

Let's get this right:
  1. Spend $55+ on a ticket for a Packer game at Lambeau field.

  2. Spend $20 on parking at the stadium

  3. Spend $25 on three beers

  4. Spend $15 on two brats

  5. Spend the night in the Brown County jail


Speaking of Packers, way to go! Great game! What they need to work on: Offensive line (PROTECT THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER ON THE FIELD!!!!!), stop the hits on Rodgers (SERIOUSLY GUYS PROTECT HIM!!!), cut down on penalties (SERIOUSLY WTF!), and lastly: when you get the ball that close to the end zone, you gotta score a TOUCHDOWN not settle for a field goal. Because when I learned the math, 3<7. How about we get more points next time huh?

Don't even remind me about my Pick'ems this week. I started off FANTASTIC then it crashed and died in a fire.

Parents are driving home, made it to Louisville and my cousin Aaron treated them for dinner.

I really have nothing else to say, that article just made me LULZ in the best of ways. And I totally see it happening too.....because we're all drunken lunatics when it comes to football!



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