Oct. 12th, 2009

If you're not aware, there is this guy JON in my class. Well, I've had several classes with him and he's been incredibly annoying in ALL OF THEM. He has even annoyed some teachers to the point where they won't help him if he doesn't have a legit concern. Concern as in relevant to the class material they taught and it wasn't incredibly so out there in right field.

Anyway, my friend Darcie and I were tweeting about him during lecture today. It was quite fun, especially the part when Darcie laughed really loud as something I wrote (but by that point we migrated to facebook chat)

Enjoy! (But honestly, I'm keeping this convo for myself so I can laugh again later)
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In other news, I would like to recommend this website for being awesome and posting links to opencourseware. Today I watched a programming lecture from MIT and it was AMAAAAAZING and I would recommend it to everyone. Whew! Long link but I wanted it to be noticed. I think I accomplished that.

I also noted that my "alma mater" Well, I went there for three semesters is signed up but haven't put up any material yet. Weird, I shall have to investigate and see if I can feel my soul dying from the university's content, or whether it was the campus or city itself that destroys souls. Yes, the Hellmouth is no longer in Sunnydale, CA but rather in fact in Eau Claire, WI. Look it up. Use the google!



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