Sep. 15th, 2009

Cause we got the tweet that bounce
We got the tweet that pound
We got the tweet that 808
That the boom, boom in your town

  • 00:41 Rufus Wainwright was fantastic on @jimmyfallon tonight and sang my favorite song ever: The Art Teacher #
  • 00:58 I'm nervous about something but I have no idea what. Such is life! #
  • 01:01 For being a girl and "not knowing a lot about football," I did very well on my week 1 NFL pick 'ems: 12 wins 2 losses. Ka-Chow! #
  • 01:20 nervous has turned into really happy, I'm easy to please I guess. #
  • 21:30 Last night I had an AMAZING dream. Now I'm trying to write it out. Let's see how that goes! (Hopefully it won't sit on my HD) #
  • 21:53 @RaincatcherWolf Hard to describe w/140 chars, but it was about the lives and drama of a high profile political family like the Kennedy's. #
  • 21:57 @RaincatcherWolf and when I say Kennedy's, I mean the powerhouse 1960's Kennedy with classic style, glamour and allure--not today's. #
  • 22:03 @RaincatcherWolf I know right? It was very detailed and it was like I already knew the characters. I hope I don't screw it up with my words! #
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