Sep. 11th, 2009

Cause we got the tweet that bounce
We got the tweet that pound
We got the tweet that 808
That the boom, boom in your town

  • 01:31 Seriously? Why am I awake? Two points 1. I miss Marcel Vigneron for some reason and 2. My room smells delish! Hurry for Lush! #
  • 10:13 Ben Folds concert in Madison on Oct 30th do I want to go? I saw him a year ago. Decisions, decisions. #
  • 10:17 $36.50 for something that will be very similar to last year plus driving then crashing at someone's apartment. Sounds fun but no. #
  • 11:24 @evelymn Is it down? See how I notice these things? #
  • 11:25 Heading out to go to school on my day off (ew) so I can help Darcie with her actionscripting (that I don't fully understand!) #
  • 12:38 @evelymn Dislike! #
  • 12:44 Just had to be really forceful with Jon. Homework due on Mon and he hasn't started yet. Keeps asking us stupid questions about small details #
  • 12:45 @evelymn It's back up now if you're not aware. #
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