Sep. 3rd, 2009

I can't stop watching these. So because I can't stop, I decided to share my favorites! (BECAUSE I'M NICE AND I WANT OTHER PEOPLE TO SHARE IN THE LULZ!)

The same people also made the 2008 Presidential Debates into a song/dance and also have important historical figures with backup from "the band from the future." I love these videos! I even downloaded a few of the songs that accompany them.

In other news, I thought my Photoshop class started at 5:30. At 4:50 I realized I was wrong and that my class starts at 5:00. SO I RAN OUT OF THE HOUSE AND PUT THE PETAL TO THE METAL!! Dude. I made it to class only a few minutes late and actually only about 20 seconds behind my teacher.

[ profile] calenfenwen = FOR THE WIN.

ETA: LULZ forever at Wolf Blitzer's facial expression on the first video! Awesome screen cap!



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