Aug. 11th, 2009

So yay!

Aug. 11th, 2009 12:19 am
Tonight I did some hanging out with Brittany and Simon, two friends from high school. It was mucho fun. I'm also really lazy right now so yeah. When I first got over to B's house, S and B were already watching who wants to be a millionaire. Then this dating in the dark show came on, and it was ridiculous but we couldn't stop watching. We then spent the next half hour debating what to do in GB at 9:30 at night. Aka, what was still open.

We went to B&N because we're awesome. We usually go just to look at stuff and spend a lot of time in the religion section looking over things and making jokes about our Catholic/Jewish/Lutheran backgrounds. It's just how we roll. All of us ended up buying things though. B bought this book on HP philosophy (I think?) and a new planner, S bought some crossword puzzles, and I bought a 'how to cheat in flash' book that looks cool and has some really interesting project ideas inside.
I also fretted for seriously 10 minutes at the store because I realized that adobe brought out two different flash cs4 books and I didn't know what one I was supposed to get and freaking that I bought the wrong one. Turns out I did buy the right one, so bonus points.

We also made fun of all of the Twilight merchandise in the store. [ profile] anthean, if my local store is anything like yours, then wow. I'm sorry you have to face all of that every day. That is some ridiculous shit. I mean Twilight is fun and everything, but that is just beyond crazy.

Next we went to a cafe and got some alcohol in us and split a piece of delicious pie called tres leches I believe. I think a migraine is coming on so I'm planning on looking up a recipe when my head feels less like exploding. Yeah, my eyes hate my computer screen and find this room too bright and my music is too loud at the softest volume level. Also it's like lasers are pointing out of my eyes. I already took medication for it about 40 ish minutes ago but it's still bothering me hardcore.

Anyway, at the cafe we talked about our lives and it quickly turned around to dating. Well that was fun for me since I've never dated anyone before so I had little input for the conversation. Also, my drink had more coffee flavor than I anticipated. I knew it was in there, I didn't think it would be as strong though.
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Not sure if this was my favorite or not, but I wanted one of these soooooo bad.

Barbie Lambo! ahaha! We had a Power Wheel's Jeep that my brother got. He didn't know how to drive it very well. Well, he didn't know how to brake so he always crashed it into trees/cars/house to stop it. Yes.



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