Aug. 5th, 2009

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I debated all day whether or not to reply.

*points to icon*

Good night.
I ordered some preordered stuff from Amazon way back in June. It was supposed to ship July and I was supposed to get them like....a month ago.

I still don't have them since they keep pushing the delivery date back and back and back. I only remembered about it because I placed an order for some textbooks today ($151.50. OMG, I'm so poor now) The delivery date says I should get them anytime from like...last week until Friday. They haven't even shipped out yet.

SO! I channeled my inner "foot locker bitch" and ripped customer service a new one. You know the this is horrible customer service, why should I continue to shop here, and when the eff am I going to get my shoes books?

If I get an automated robot reply, I think I'll scream and be like "crazy dog lady" because this is getting ridiculous. I just want my flippin' books!!!

How hard can it be?

Publisher: "Well hello, I see you publish books X, Y, and Z! May we have # copies for our store because we're one of the largest book sellers in the world and these are slightly popular!" Publisher: "Why yes of course! They Just published in July so here you go, *gives books to Amazon*
Amazon: Oh goody goody gumdrops! We has books! Ooooh! I see that [ profile] calenfenwen pre-ordered them in June! Let's ship them out to the address she provided and with the proper shipping method she requested too. Let's also email her with the tracking info that she knows how to read and can understand because she's AWESOME and really deserves these books after the last couple months she has had."
Me: Yay! My books have arrived! *Joy!* I'm going to stare at them and decide what one to read of the three then put the other two on my bookcase to admire."

I was really thinking about pre-ordering the next three books that are due in October, but now I don't think so. I'll wait for b&n to get them instead. Or just pre-order from them instead.

I HATE AMAZON RIGHT NOW. I kind of feel like canceling my order for my textbooks I placed today, but I'll wait and see what customer service has to say.



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