Jul. 30th, 2009

A little girl was trying to describe this girl she knew to her mom. Her mom was just over and she just told me about it. "She has short hair like that one girl who has cool shoes and came to our house that one time. It's like her hair, but it's more like a boy's hair and less spiky."

Sweet! I turned into the girl with short spiky hair with cool shoes! I also remember the shoes I wore that day, and I agree, they are cool. Well done little girl!

Last day at Eastbay today. I took a some pictures (as I have been all week) ate free pizza twice (they bought it twice so they could get it to most people, but both times were during my shift), then after an annoying call, I logged out for the last time, turned in my headset and ID badge were turned in ($50 deposit will be in the mail soon!), and stole a chair.

I'm sitting on said chair right now, and I'm very happy. I finally have a proper computer chair! I know from a year plus experience that these chairs are good. I got it because fabric is falling off, but I was planning on replacing that anyway.

I also got a customer named Ianto today. It was awesome. He was annoyed because they spelled his name wrong, but I couldn't change it since the order got processed too far. (They spelled it Yanto)

So yeah, doin' pretty good! I'm really sleepy now, but I'm not ready to sleep quite yet. Way too early.



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