Jul. 24th, 2009

This is a nice piece on Children of Earth on facebook. VERY SPOILERY if you haven't watched it. I actually laughed out loud.

Job interview in less than two hours. Maybe I should think about getting ready. Eating would be a good start. So would getting out of pajamas.

Also found out that Eastbay will be closing at 4:00 next Friday which is why I wasn't scheduled for my normal 6-12 shift. I only got scheduled for Tuesday 4-12, but I managed to snag 12 more hours through people posting hours on the trade board. 20 hour work week! Awesome!

There is an employee sponsored party at a bar at 4:00 on Friday to say good bye. It's at a sports bar (really? We can't get away from the sports theme?) and I plan on drinking. I'm not familiar with the place, but from the flier that is around work, it sounds like they only have one special: Beer. I would prefer not!beer but what can I do?



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