Jul. 4th, 2009

*ahem* Hello.

Ginger woke me up early this morning by licking every inch of exposed skin she could reach. She doesn't really listen to me anymore. I've turned into the fun Aunt that no one takes seriously and so all of the children bend rules. "We always have ice cream for breakfast!!"

I just got back from visiting with Ginger...for the last time. She gave me some matching scratches to add to my collection including one that is as long as my forearm and parts of it are still red and angry. I also got some nice bruises on my legs from her jumping on me too.

See? Fun Aunt no one takes seriously!

Therefore, I'm at the very end of my sneezing fit. I &heart; driving while sneezing. It has the added bonus of being both exciting and dangerous!

Next on tap:
- Laundry (I have basically no clean clothes!)
- Dinner with Patrick and his family (and other old people)
- Ditch old folks and head off for fireworks downtown and try to find people we know who stayed in town for the weekend. (Not many...)



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