Jul. 1st, 2009

So Ginger (the dog I'm dogsitting for) is starting to take advantage of me since I'm not her normal owner.

A) She now decides to join me when I'm in bed, whether it be sleeping or just reading. The longer she is in the bed with me, the more she decides she can take over the already small bed. I woke up at 3AM because I was pushed to the edge of the bed about to fall off.

B) When I took her out this morning, she shook herself free from my hand before I could hook her to her rope. Therefore, she dashed off out of the backyard. Heidi, the mom who told me about Ginger, said that Ginger does that to her so you just have to wait for Ginger to come back since she only responds to Pete, the husband.

Well, I let her run around for a few minutes while I got everything else ready for the day, but Ginger still didn't come back yet. I followed the way she went out of the yard and she was running through another yard. I tried to run after her, but she wouldn't listen to me or ANYTHING. A kind neighbor lady saw my plight and gave me some dog treats to tempt Ginger back.

Those didn't work. She at first was a little interested, but when I tried to grab her collar, she dashed away again.

SOOOOOO, I had to run after her for 20+ minutes trying to grab her or lure her closer to the house. Eventually I got her basically across the street, so I tried an experiment. I started running at full speed to the house, and to my extreme joy, Ginger followed me, and by the time I got the door open, she dashed right in.

WHEW!!!! I'm so relived. Then Ginger the dork saw I had treats in my hand and was playing the angel to get them. I gave her one since she was sitting and looking all pretty, then put the other in her food bowl that she ignored earlier.

Now, I have to shower and get ready since I have a thing to get to soon.



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