Jun. 26th, 2009

Cause we got the tweet that bounce
We got the tweet that pound
We got the tweet that 808
That the boom, boom in your town

  • 23:57 It's really nice and cool outside, but a million degrees inside...especially my room. Blregaoihjalj. #
  • 00:02 For some reason our water from the tap smells a little bit like a fish bowl. Gross. I can't bring myself to wash my face with it. Grosser. #
  • 10:28 M&D are so pissed that I'm not interested in working for evil corp. Srly, I have standards, and I'm trying to get a non-evil job. #
  • 12:52 I don't remember how much money I made at Fleet Farm. Come on guys, that was over 3 years ago! How am I supposed to remember that? #
  • 13:11 haHa! Thank you LiveJournal archive and tags! Figured it out. Sweeeet. #
  • 13:19 hey yo! Just got my new swimsuit from VS and it's quite possibly the best suit I've ever owned! Calvin Klein is awesome. #
  • 19:54 I want to see Children of Earth so bad. www.uktv.com.au/torchwood/photogallery.asp The pic of Ianto in the air is win. #
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