Jun. 14th, 2009

Cause we got the tweet that bounce
We got the tweet that pound
We got the tweet that 808
That the boom, boom in your town

  • 11:46 the transfer stopped last night while I was sleeping. And with 4 hours remaining too! Now back to 19 oh joy. #
  • 14:39 Go Team Carlisle! Follow @peterfacinelli #
  • 14:43 Transferring my files old school style since I couldn't get the mac to mac transfer to work due to bad connection and thunderstorms. #
  • 14:53 I need a taller chair for this computer. I need to be at least....another six inches off the ground. Goodbye comfy chair... I'll miss you. #
  • 22:03 You know what would be nice? If swimsuit designers would design something cute for awkward body types like mine. Wasted 1 hour. Nothing good #
  • 22:22 @evelymn the one that fit me really good broke, second one gives me "national geographic boobs" third one gives me granny butt. yessss. #
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