May. 18th, 2009

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No, there aren't many that do. Although when Darcie was trying to find me on facebook, I was actually on page two of the search results! But some of the other Natalie's snagged the gmail account that is firstname.lastname and firstlast and first.mi.last so go figure!

Almost done with my final project for website design. I'll show you it when I'm done since it's based on my NYC trip. Killing two birds with one stone there! See? Nice right?
I'm not sure if the facebook links work or not, but I did finish my website for the project which includes a photo gallery. I believe the site should stick around for another week(ish) since the semester is over and they clear off the server at that point.


If you're curious, my website design final project is here:

(My Dollhouse Flash portfolio is here: although I really want to clean it up a little bit.)

With that said, does anyone want to know anything more specific about New York? I think I did a good job with my tweets/website but who knows. You do! Hit me up with a question, comment or whatever! I thought you guys would be jumping all over me for info! But if no one wants to know stuff, that's cool too.

I'll just carry on to....HIMYM season finale tonight!!! Can't wait!!

(Also, during the flight into Newark, there is a great view of the Manhattan skyline and I couldn't help but wonder if Richard Castle was out there solving a murder. Seriously....first thought. I might need help.)
Ring Ring Twitter Phone!

  • 00:26 Posted my Zootopia and NYC pictures to facebook now I'm going to sleep since this weekend was awesome yet exhausting. #
  • 18:40 @clairedactyl rebel rebel! I approve. #
  • 18:42 spent two hours researching and I found two things "off" with my bag: logo in leather not metal, and one metal decal on backward. sweet. #
  • 19:45 Reading reviews of Zootopia concert. People liked Flo Rida (bzuh?) didn't think Kelly was long (what?) and thought Peas were weak (WHAT???) #
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