Mar. 23rd, 2009

1. Twilight story.
Woke up on Saturday because I heard someone walking through my room then close the door. Woke up and on the pillow next to me was a copy of Twilight with a post-it "To Natalie, From the Tooth Fairy." My dad went to Target and picked up stuff for the house and a copy of the BluRay for me. Really super nice of my dad, but I went to Target to exchange it for the 3 Disc DVD because we don't have BluRay. Dad only saw "Twilight" and grabbed it for me because he knew I liked it. YAY DAD! :D

2. Hanging with Kayla
We made Long Island Ice Teas, hot tubbed, went to Taco Bell, Amaretto Sours, shots of something sweet, Mario Kart drinking game while drinking Amaretto Sours, I ran out and took some of Kayla's whiskey and coke, shot of whiskey, and then we cut off since I had to drive home, but we danced a lot and watched Stardust while I sobered up. Also got my nails done. Super fun girls night.

3. ZOMG AMAZING!!!! I've been blabbering about this on every place I can think of. I finished framing my movie. Yeah, I started today at 136.7 seconds and finished at 214.2. Yeah, 77.5 seconds or over third of the video. That's amazing. Now tomorrow I'll add the sound to the video and attempt to convert it to mp4 or whatever it's supposed to be in.

4. Hair cut will be Wednesday.
This is the picture. I think it's super cute and so does Kayla's family.

They say I can pull it off and I trust Kayla's mom so much on stuff like that, probably more than my mom actually.

5. I need to get to other homework since I have a crap load to do. Apparently spring break is over.....sad.
Ring Ring Twitter Phone!

  • 23:45 Drank lots with Kayla, hot tub, taco bell, dancing whilst drinking, mario kart drinking game, nails, and stardust. great night. #
  • 11:42 So yeah, I'm running late for class. Yay! I wanted to skip it anyway.... #
  • 12:41 just got to school. yeah not walking into class 40+ minutes late. working on stuff in the lab on a semi broken chair. #
  • 13:56 girl few computers down is humming strangely and sort of (out of tune and rhythm) to the humming in Coraline. FREAKY. will try to ignore. #
  • 14:55 creepy and smelly guy was blatantly staring at my computer while I worked. It was weird and creepy....and smelly. A BO problem for sure. #
  • 16:11 video progress: 32.4 sec of actual work left, 20 sec of easy stuff, add sound, convert to mp4, then DONE. still the 32.4 secs is daunting. #
  • 18:11 Finished the frames for my video for a grand total of 77.5 sec I did today alone as in over a third today alone. Now to add sound tomorrow. #
  • 19:39 I've been wearing shoes too long but I can't take them off because I'm still at school. Grr. #
  • 20:01 Haven't done anything productive for several minutes therefore I'm going home for food, HIMYM, Heroes, and not sitting at this computer. #
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