Mar. 3rd, 2009

Ring Ring Twitter Phone!

  • 23:57 bored now. probably going to sleep since I don't have the attention span to start anything. #

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lately my LJ seems to consist entirely of LoudTwitter posts which is lame. Unfortunately I don't have anything interesting to say so you're stuck with those. I originally said that here which makes no sense.

Well I just realized I have a JavaScript assignment due in about 24 hours. Maybe I should work on that tomorrow....maybe.

Watched X3 today (rocks fall.....everyone dies) then dad "assisted" me in doing my taxes. Not as much back as I would've liked, but it's better than paying into the system. It's also annoying that I can't claim my tuition costs on my refund since I'm listed as a dependent therefore dad gets to claim all the money I spend on my education. Ridiculous! Makes no sense! Also, not allowed any sort of stimulus check. LAME SAUCE. I can revive the economy with my irrational spending habits!

Dad came home from work early with a bad I'm coughing. I don't want to cough.

That's about it cus my life is really boring now. I can't wait for spring break.

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