Feb. 21st, 2009

So I can't find my classes. Yikes. I did find a "spare" set of glasses from like six years ago and my eyes have changed since then. Super good news? I have to go to work soonish and unless I find my real glasses I'll have to wear these....and probably get a headache....and may have to call work force and ask to leave early because of it.

Second: Apparently Late Night went an extra SIX minutes yesterday and I was recording it because I would've missed the first half hour because I was at work. So I need to go to hulu or something and watch the last six minutes sometime.

Also the Shawn/Juliet shipper in me went "Ahhhhhhhhh no way" and I'm not telling you why. I love Psych.

Finally, yesterday Jake gave me the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series and I read about 50 pages of it at work. WOW! This is a fun quick read! I like how I'm still in the first chunk of the book and most of the episodes have gone by. Although no Lafayette in the book? Bitch please.

*hunts for missing glasses*
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