Feb. 20th, 2009

So my teacher for Flash friended me on facebook. Huh. I accepted it because well yeah. She's a huge dork/geek too (ex today she dressed up as the Doctor and didn't care that I was going to be the only one who got the joke). Brown suit, red tie, converse and everything. It was awesome.

Also: There is only one more episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien. I don't know what I'll do with myself for the 3(?) month absence. Like I've watched this show every weekday for 1+ years and very frequently before that. I don't know how my life will function without a little COB in my life.

Today in class we are starting scripting for Flash and that was so welcome after the fact that I spent over 24 hours scripting previously. Eh....eh! I didn't finish the homework assignment (boo!) but it was difficult to get help when Diana was helping Jon understand the concept of copy and pasting stuff onto new layers....while he was going above and beyond his already over ambitious project that was last weeks assignment because he wasn't happy with it.

I HAD TO TEACH HIM COPY AND PASTE LAST WEEK. SERIOUSLY. Then he couldn't remember how and asked the teacher. He's a nice guy but this is the third class with him and I wish he would get better study habits or get a tutor or something because this is beyond ridiculous. And remembering his work from the Illustrator class, it wasn't all that great.

Even though I don't have class tomorrow, I still have to go to school so I can get my homework done. I wish I had my new computer....I wonder if I can get my dad to transfer some money from my college fund....I'm almost graduated anyway.

Random thing: the other day at work I needed to look up a Foot Locker store in Queens, NY but we (Kat and I) were having trouble finding the one that the customer was talking about, so we just typed in Queens and one of the results was in Cardiff as in Wales. I only bring this up because it was funny to me at the time and today I was watching Last of the Time Lords and when The Doctor, Jack, and Martha are in the plaza talking about how "zomg! the Master is Saxon!" in the background is a Foot Locker. Even though it's supposed to be London it's really filmed in Cardiff so I giggled more today about the whole Foot Locker thing....which no one will find funny.

Is it kind of sad that I'm trying to be as dorky as possible during Flash? Every project sans the first has been fandom related and it seems like Diana and I are trying to almost one up each other week by week. Super fun! Although now that I'm friends with Diana I probably shouldn't be updating facebook during her class...maybe.
Tried to download a copy of dreamweaver so I wouldn't have to go to school because quite honestly, I don't want to go. I would so rather sit here in my pajamas doing my homework rather than get dressed, go out in the cold, drive to school, find a parking space, hope the computer that I applied my settings on Dreamweaver is open (if not spend the 5 or so minutes doing that) do my homework, ignore Jon (who I know is going to be there, I bet you), drive home.

Doesn't sit here, do homework in pajamas while eating random food/doing things sound better? Grr...I want to have an iMac now. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

Okay fine. I'll get ready to go to school even though it give me little pleasure.

Most awesome news from today: I didn't get any points marked off for being late with my JavaScript homework but Bob said that next time he would take points off. Consider your message understood sir!

Ugly Betty yesterday: I thought it was super awesome that out of all the basketball teams (or teams in general) that cute!sports guy showed Betty the flippin Pistons. YAY PISTONS! I love them even though they're playing for crap this season. (I blame the trade of Chauncy Billups)
Maybe all the teams I'm a fan of are going to suck this season....I still have hope in the Brew Crew and Red Wings though....don't disappoint me!



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