Feb. 16th, 2009

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Today's Dreamweaver assignment sucked. So much work and I feel like I'm no where to being done. The site for reference. I won't be able to fix it until Thursday by the way...maybe Wednesday. Basically the button links don't work, the footer links won't stylize correctly, I messed something up on the clear divs (or something not sure) so the last section (summary) on the individual reviews won't clear (even though they did earlier so wtf), need to fix the rounded box transparency... also other stuff. And I'm not done with the actual assignment. UGH. LAME SAUCE. Meanwhile Robert is going to go through and grade (hopefully...please? At least post past grades!) my past assignments and see the pile of crap on my site.

If you see why my stuff isn't clearing, can you tell me why before I cry? I'll probably figure it out, but I have enough on my plate. (Also why my footer links won't change...that would be lovely as I have tried many things) I think I made a mistake when uploading my newest CSS page since I was in a rush to get to SQL since I was running late because I know for a fact it was working correctly before!

Also I realized that Jon can be really annoying. Actually I've known this for a long time. He can be really nice but really annoying. He's also not the greatest at the graphic related classes I've had with him (three so far) but he made some cool things with Maya in the past which makes me wonder how.

Then SQL just is made of pure suck. Why why why why. Even people who are better than me thinks it sucks galore. I did figure out one of the statements by myself though! Karen was subbing today and wondered if anyone had the answer (I did yay!) and wanted me to give her the commands (while I was eating something! lulz!) I love Karen. I probably would like the class better if she were teaching it.

Tomorrow I'm going to FINISH my JavaScript homework so I can have time to review for the Lab Practical on Wednesday (which is going to suck).

Plus for today? My student fees helped pay for some cookies so I got to have a cookie break during class. There will be another one on Wednesday which is exciting as I couldn't go to them last semester. Also, I have fallen in love with a music mix I made for a class (that I never turned in) a few months ago. For making it in two seconds, it's really good! I approve.

At least the semester is 1/3 done!

WHAT THE HELL???? It works fine on a mac but not a PC?  What?  What kind of fuckery is this?  If you have a PC please check my site to make sure I'm not crazy because two of the big problems are working of my MacBook and didn't on the PC at school.



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