Feb. 7th, 2009

So I'm picking up extra hours. I got some four hours for Sunday night and I picked up an extra SEVEN for Friday afternoon. That's right friends, I get to work at 12 shift ends at 7, my shift starts at 8 and ends at 12. MEANING, 11 hours of work on one day. Why did Megan convince me to do that?
She also has me writing a sequel to Breaking Dawn. Lulz. If you want it, I might post it here.

Anyway: yesterday I had training for stupid InStore Customer Service, aka the sixth level of hell. Basically it's the complaint line. NO. I REFUSE. It's the line where people complain that the store associate was mean and gave them the stink eye and they're going to sue Foot Locker because of it. NO GUYS NO!!!!


But bright side: it's above freezing outside. I know, I'm confused too. I like watching the snow melting. GO AWAY. Although, there's going to be so much ice when it drops below freezing again...only to melt when it goes above freezing again. YAY! This week is going to have happy temperatures!

Oh crap, just realized I have a dentist appointment in the morning on Friday. I'm going through hell on Friday, dentist, work, more work and work! Whyyyyy am I dumb like that?
The Sunset Lounge
A follow up to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight by [livejournal.com profile] calenfenwen

Because sometimes 4.5 books isn't enough.

AN: I wrote this for my friend Megan at work who was reading the series for the first time. She wanted to know if there was another book after Breaking Dawn and she was sad to hear there wasn't. She jokingly told me to write it for her, and because I'm awesome, I decided to take her up on that offer.

I've been writing this during my free time at work so technically I got paid to write this. Kidding. This isn't supposed to be taken seriously and I haven't looked it over with a critical eye so if you spot something, I'll fix it. Also, I don't have a real plot outlined in my head. I started writing this after Megan started teasing me about being alone for an hour with practically no work to do and that I would have nothing to do. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Posted to the el jay per request.

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