Feb. 6th, 2009

So as I said from my earlier LJ entry, I have the slight chance of graduating earlier than I thought I was. If things work out, I might be able to graduate after Fall 2009. That's "WOAH!" news. I knew that Web Animation Programming was only offered during spring, but you need to take Design first. This has made a lot of people upset and are looking for a way to take it earlier so they can graduate. For many people, it's the only class they have to take.

I thought about taking classes from the Marketing cluster to compensate that extra semester I would have to stay at school, but since there's an actual real chance at getting out early, then wow. I just need to figure out what classes I need to take to graduate then see if I can add on photoshop. For some reason it's not a requirement so it needs to be taken as an elective.

DUDE. Got out of bed and found the list of classes I need to take. After this semester, I need the following: Web Graphic Design, Web Animation Programming, Network Operating System Fundamentals, Server-Side Scripting (Unix), and an internship. That's 15 credits. Aka, that's doable. Aka: HOLY CRAP. Although I'm still not sure if my transcript for my econ class has been accepted yet. I got a C in the class so I should get that class. If not, I can take it online during the summer. Then I have to figure out photoshop, do I add it to my fall course list? Should I try to teach myself? Should I just stay until Spring 2010 and take lots and lots of classes?

And LJ just ate my entry, loves it. Anyway: before I graduate I need to buy the following things: Adobe software package with student discount, new mac with discount, and start building a business/professional wardrobe....because I don't have a lot of nice things. Basically jeans, sweatshirt, broken shoes.

HOLY CRAP!!! I can be graduating soon!
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2. Figwit!

I spent most of today randomly googling things and trying to help my friend find bridesmaid dresses that will look good with the idea of her bridal gown. Basically, all of the other bridesmaids have normal and proportionate figures and mine is weird so I get to be the one trying on all of these dresses. Bonus: She's going to Chicago to look for dresses and I'm going along! Sweeeeeeeeet.

I also just realized how poor I am. I'm not poor poor, but I just have a lot of stuff to buy before I graduate and somehow do fun things, buy ridiculous things (and gas) and save up money for this trip to New York that my pen pal wants me to do.

Maybe I should do some homework....maybe.

Last night I woke up and was like "ZOMG LOST" because I had a huge bloody nose and I thought my brain was going through bad time travel jet lag, but it wasn't because that's not real.....or is it?
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  • 16:45 Just bought the Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium package deal. So much poorer now, but thank you student discount! Next up: new Macintosh! #
  • 22:57 Slow work computer is slow #
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