Jan. 12th, 2009

Backstory, my mom forgot to make a cake/dessert for her coworker's birthday and asked if I would be able to make one and she can pick it up or whatever.

Me: *drinking pepsi waiting for mom to pick up the phone*
Mom: Hello?
Me: *coughs* oh hi! Do we have any more vanilla? We're out
Mom: you checked here here and here?
Me: Yes and no vanilla
Mom: Do we have almond extract?
Me: No
Mom: Then we don't have anything
Me: Yep
Mom: Go to the liquor cabinant and put some rum in there
Me: *coughs again* what?
Mom: Yes! Rum!
Me: Happy Birthday indeed

It's more hilarious to me because the recipe I'm using is from a little kid's cooking book for an "Xtra Special Cake" Ooooh yay!

I'm going to make the special cake now. LOL!



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